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Since our inception, PulseLarsen has been committed to providing outstanding antenna products to customers around the world – antennas that deliver both in terms of power, reliability, and technology and in terms of durability, design, and economy. This is true of our full line of antennas, including our wide range of indoor antenna models.

When it comes to indoor antennas, we understand the leading wants and needs of our customers: powerful antennas with great coverage and lifespans, as well as antennas that are unobtrusive with low profiles. We dedicate our energies to developing antennas that answer all of these needs, often by designing innovative products that go above and beyond.

Let’s look at three recent innovations in indoor antennas developed by the team at PulseLarsen.

Clear Antennas

Forget black and white and beige. We’ve developed a clear series of indoor antennas that virtually disappear into their surroundings once installed. Ideal for places where you want great coverage, but don’t want an eye sore, these antennas are popular in high-end, high-traffic areas, like lobbies and public spaces.

Our ICEBLADELS blade option pairs great performance with an aesthetically pleasing clear body. Finally, our ICEFIN24DMN outdoor antenna is both clear and low-profile, perfect for public safety, transit, or industrial applications.

The Flattest Public Safety Antenna

Again pairing great design with performance, our PSIBVHF and PSIBVU78 indoor antenna options for public safety offer products that are both discrete and powerful – completely and consistently extending radio coverage from exteriors to interiors. At 8.40mm or 0.33 inches thin, they are the flattest public safety antennas available, and easily integrate into your fire department or police station.

A Vast Portfolio Of Blade And Stick Antennas

Over the years, we have developed a vast portfolio of frequencies and shapes when it comes to blade and stick antennas to meet the growing needs of today’s exploding wireless demands. For more information view our online catalog.

Learn More About Our Indoor Antennas

We want to hear from you. Whether you have a question about one of our indoor antennas, or whether you’re looking for a type of antenna product you can’t find, we can help – even if we have to innovate even more. To learn more, or to ask a question, please contact us today by calling 1-800-ANTENNA (+1-800-268-3662) or by filling out our quick contact form.