Suzhou, China, July30, 2018 Pulse Electronics Wireless Consumer proudly presents its latest antenna design solution for automotive telematic devices – 2x LTE, GNSS, Wi-Fi, BT and with optional Sub 6GHz antenna.

The superior RF performance allows the antennas to be implemented in any shape- or form factor of the telematic device, and that can be put in any corner inside the vehicle.

Most of today’s telematic solutions consist of antennas mounted on the roof of the vehicle, with long cables connected to the telematic device inside the vehicle. This is not only a high cost solution but also cable losses are reducing the antenna performance.

‘With Pulse’s new antenna design solution, there will be no need to have the antennas on the roof- or outside the vehicle, it’s simple implemented inside the telematic device.’ says Jon Yu, General Manager of Wireless Consumer BU.



Telematics device including 2xLTE,GNSS,Wi-Fi,

BT and Sub 6GHz antenna.

All antennas can be manufactured with known

technologies such as flex, LDS, Sheet metal or

Pulse’s own 3D print technology FluidANT.



Field testing is ongoing with one of the bigger automotive supplier and the plan is to have the first product in market by Q1 2019.

We are excited to present our antenna solution for telematic devices; enabling great antenna performance, miniaturized size and with significantly lower total cost.

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