Pulse Product News

Pulse Electronics releases a new video that highlights Pulse’s Networking solutions for the modern car. 

Pulse Electronics has developed Networking components for nearly every automotive communications application for today’s vehicles and the vehicles of the future. 

The main applications supported by Pulse products include Infotainment, Battery Management Systems, Advanced Driver Assist Systems, Energy Storage Systems, and Body Control. 

Pulse products support multiple technology’s used in the automobile including MOST, CAN Bus, FlexRay, Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (AVB), 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, Power over Datalines (PoDL), and A2B.  With a diverse portfolio of robust components for vehicle communication and battery management systems, Pulse Electronics creates components that both support current communication technologies and provides for future technologies.


For detailed product specifications or for additional information on our product offering, please contact Jonas Miller at jmiller@pulseelectronics.com