High Performance

Excelsus filters ensure the highest data rates and clearest phone conversations. Other brands of filters may impact your DSL modem and cause noise on your phone line. In contrast to other filters, Excelsus has filters that:

  • Ensure clear, “echo-free” phone conversations.
  • Work with Caller ID despite the installation of three or more filters.
  • Are designed to coexist with alarm panels.
  • Meet ANSI, ETSI, and ITU performance standards demanded by many telephone companies.
  • Use high-gold RJ connectors that will resist corrosion, prevent phone-line noise, and preserve your modem’s data rate potential.

Bottom line: Excelsus filters offer high performance and high value.

 Solutions and selection for your unique installation

Instead of a “one size fits all” approach, we’ve designed filters for nearly every real-life DSL challenge. Whether you have one line or two, one phone or ten, Excelsus has a solution:

  • Dynamic filters for homes with more than five phone jacks in use.
  • Dual-line filters to reduce crosstalk between lines, and to filter DSL on line 2.
  • Filters with a DSL convenience jack, so you can connect your DSL modem and your phone to the same phone jack.
  • Snap-on wall filters for wall-mounted phones.
  • Filters that block interference from cordless phones and other RF sources.

 Continuous innovations from the inventor of the DSL Filter

Innovation led to our invention of the DSL filter in 1999, and this forward thinking continues today, with state-of-the-art developments like Video Grade TR-127 Compliant Splitters and alarm panel protection.

 Trusted by major telephone companies and service providers worldwide

We’re tested and approved — Excelsus DSL filters are certified by telephone companies and service providers around the world. They choose Excelsus because we deliver the technology, performance and quality demanded by the world’s largest telecom networks and their customers.Performance. Selection. Service. Innovation. Trust.
That’s the Excelsus difference.