Pulse provides high-quality DSL filters, splitters and accessories for broadband Internet access over conventional telephone lines. Customers include DSL end-users, telephone companies, equipment providers, and Internet service providers worldwide. Various splitter and filter types, such as inline, wall-mount, dual-line, tri-jack, dynamic and even alarm panel filters, meet the demanding ETSI, ITU and ANSI specifications. For year Pulse has been providing innovative DSL splitters, filter transformers, and inductors for customer premises (CPE) and central office (CO) applications worldwide. Now our CPE product line has expanded to offer video-grade splitters for error-free performance on TelcoTV networks.

  • Error-free and jitter-free performance that maintains high-quality signals in the customer premises
  • VDSL2 versions support TelcoTV and IPTV applications
  • On-site system testing for xDSL environments, from DSLAM´s to customer premises
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