Pulse continues to lead the way with a broad range of components that enable twisted-pair copper high-speed services to homes and businesses. Pulse components are also used in cable modems and the consumer electronics that provide home networking services. Our high-performance transformers,inductors and splitter filter modules support ADSL, VDSL, VoIP, CO/CPE splitters, and home phone line and power line networks. These transformers are designed to exceed ANSI and ETSI standards, and have excellent THD performance and small footprints. Surface mount models are available upon request. Our splitter/filter modules are part of the SMART™ family, offering convenient and cost effective design solutions.



VDSL Line Transformer matched to Conexant´s VDSL ACCELITY chipset

VDSL Transformer matched to Ikanos SmartLeap chipset designed to meet IEC950 operational or supplementary insulation requirements for working voltages up to 250Vrms

VDSL Transformers SMT/THT with Supplementary Isolation
VDSL Transformers matched to Metalink Chipsets 

VDSL Transformers matched to Broadcom BCM6010/6020


VDSL Transformers matched to Broadcom BCM6315 / Texas
Instrument’s TNETD800 chipset