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Antenna Solutions for Navigation Applications

Telematics AntennaNeed antenna solutions for Navigation applications? Pulse/Larsen offers a complete line of antennas for the growing market. Our solutions cover all satellite navigation types including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo.  Plus we have products that combine navigation with data transmission for complete telematics requirements. Our navigation antennas are designed for use in trucking, commercial fleets, utility, public safety, search and rescue, GIS and survey/mapping markets.

What is Navigation?

  • A system designed to send, receive and store information in "real time" using telecommunications devices
  • "Mobile telematics" combines wireless communications (for data transmission) and GPS tracking systems for remote monitoring, location tracking, emergency assistance, navigation, vehicle diagnostics and more


  • GPS (mag mount, glass mount, trunk mount, direct mount,
    NMO mount)
  • GPS multi bands (800 / 900 / 1710 – 1990 / GPS)
  • Low profiles
  • Multi bands

Pulse/Larsen Antenna Offering for Navigation Systems

Pulse Navigation Solutions are for use in devices which provide location information by tracking satellites. This includes satellites using GPS L1 Band 1.575 GHz and Glonass 1.598-1.606 GHz. Pulse provides a variety of navigation solutions for these bands from passive ceramic antennas for integrated applications to multiband active solutions for mobile applications. Our GPS development competency leverages multiband technology enabling continuous GPS signal reception when the co-located communications antennas are transmitting.

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External & Outdoor Navigation Solutions

Our external and outdoor solutions are all active solutions including discrete LNA designs providing between 15 and 33 dB of gain. Solutions are available in GPS only functionality and also including WAN connections to the 2G, 3G, and 4G network.

Internal Antennas for Navigation Solutions

Internal navigation solutions from Pulse are both passive and active. Passive solutions are in the form of ceramic patch and chip solutions providing both circular and linearly polarized antennas. Pulse offers the choice to find the best in the customer application. Solutions for GPS and Glonass are offered.

For a full range of ceramic antennas, go to the Pulse Product Finder.


» GPS at 1575.4MHz
» Extremely small diameter of only 50mm (2.0 inches)
» Multi-stage amplifiers provide 25dB gain
» 165 MPH wind speed rating


» Supports  MIMO LTE 698-960/1695-2170/2300-2700/2900-3600
» GPS and GLONASS (1575.4-1609) MHz
» Direct Mount
» Optional Magnetic Mount available


» Supports MIMO Cellular LTE 698-960/1695-2170/2300-2700/2900-3600MHz
» Supports MIMO WiFi 2400-2500/4900-5900MHz
» Supports GPS and GLONASS
» Direct Mount and optional Magnetic Mount available


» Robust removable Magnetic Mount Accessory
» Works with Pulse GPSMBxxx Panther series antennas
» Detachable with a strong magnetic connection
» Robust housing – Outdoor UV stabilized

» Roof mounted LTE/GSM/WiFi/GPS
» 3 cables for maximum performance
» GPSDM700/2500 
   > Cable 1: 698-960/1710-2170/2300-2700 MHz      
   > Cable 2: 2400-2485 MHz
   > Cable 3: 1575 MHz
» GPSDM700/5800 (black) / GPSDMW700/5800 (white)  
   > Cable 1: 698-960/1710-2170/2300-2700 MHz
   > Cable 2: 2400-2485/5150-5850 MHz
   > Cable 3: 1575 MHz       
» IP-65 rated and UV protected

» Active GPS 1575 MHz Antenna
» NMO mount
» 2.9" Dia x 1.3" (74 mm Dia x 33 mm)

» Adhesive mount
» 806-960/1710-2170/1574.5-1579.4 MHz
» IP-67 rated


» Direct mount GPS/LNA module
  combined with NMOHF mount
» For use with most NMO mount antennas
» IP-65 rated and UV protected


» Dashboard or glass adhesive mount
» 1575 MHz
» Ultra thin elliptical package

» Direct feed, 3/4" hole
» 824-960/1710-2170/1575.4 MHz
» Low profile, 1.3" tall

» Active GPS 1575 MHz Antenna
» Direct Mount
» IP-65 Rated and UV Protected
» 1.97: Dia x 1.38" (50 mm Dia x 35 mm)

» Active GPS 1575 MHz Antenna
» Magnetic Mount
» IP-65 Rated and UV Protected
» Coaxial cable with connector options

» GPS L1 Band - 1575 MHz
» Ceramic patch
» Pin through connection
» Adhesive tape mount


» GPS and GLONASS ceramic patch
» 1598-1606 MHz
» Pin through connection
» Adhesive tape mount