The Pulse Product Catalog is divided into product-line sections for easier downloading. The entire 2013 catalog has been uploaded to this page.

Front Matter

  • Introduction, Featured Products, Table of Contnents – 5 pages (720K)


  • For Mobile Phones: Mobile Phone Antennas; For Wireless Devices: Wireless Access Point, Dual and Single,
    Cable Assembly, Internal and Surface Mount; Alternative Wireless Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions
  • For Automotive Applications: Vehicular Mount Single-band, Vehicular Mount Multi-band, NMO Mounting Kits
    (2013) – 7 pages (150K)                                                                                                        Top

LAN Products

  • Discrete and Filtered Connectors; IC Cross Reference: 10GBase-T, Gigabit, 10/100Base-TX. 10Base-T, ATM Network Components
  • Common Mode Chokes for LAN and Telecom Applications
  • (2013) – 2 pages (281K)                                                                                                        Top

Connector Products

  • SFP & SFP+ Cages and Connectors, XFP cage, USB & RJ, Multiport Connectors, Keystone Jack,
    Patch Panel (2013) – 5 pages (212K)                                                                                      Top

Power Magnetics

  • Overview of Power Magnetics, Shielded/Unshielded Drum Core Inductors, SMT Power Bead, Flat Coil Inductors; SMT Wirewound, Planar and Toroid Inductors; THT Power Cube and Bead Inductors; HF Planar Transformers;
  • Current Sense Magnetics, Gate Drive Transformers, Switch Mode Transformers, Common Mode Chokes
  •  Laminated Transformers (2013) – 20 pages, (664K)                                                                   Top

RF Components

  • RF, Broadband, CATV, Telco TV Applications: Diplexers, Triplexers, Filters, Baluns, Directional Couplers,
    RF Splitter/Combiners, Directional Couplers, RF Splitter/Combiners, Low Pass Filters (2013) 2 pages (173K)                                                                                                                               Top

RF Chip Inductors

  • Utra Small, Ultra Low Profile, Industry Standard Performance; Alternative Inductance and Q vs Frequency,
    High Side Metallization. ChipChokesTM (2013) – 30 pages (1.5Mb)                                                Top

xDSL and HPN Products

  • Home Networking Products, Common Mode Chokes for ADSL/VDSL, A/VDSL Transformers, HDSL2/G.SHDSL Transformers, ADSL Inductors
  • CO Splitter Circuits for DSL, CO and CPE xDSL Splitter/Fileter Modules – 3 pages (173K)               Top

CO, CPE, and Excelsus CPE Products

  • ADSL and ADSL2 Micro Filters, ADSL2+ and VDSL2 Video Grade Splitters, MDU Products, HPNA Products
    (2013) – 3 pages (142K)                                                                                                         Top

Telecommunications Products 

  • Telecom IC Cross Reference: ISDN S- & U-Interface, Digital Audio/Single, DDS/Switched 56, Sonet/SDH
    (STM-1/E4/CMI), T3/DS3/E3/STS-1, T1/E1/CEPT/ISDN-Pri (2010) 5 pages (80K)
  • Transformers and Transformer Modules: T!/E1/CEPT/ISDN-Pri, T1/E1 Protection Modules,
    T3/DS3/E3/STS-1,iSDN S- & U-Interface, Digital Audio, DDS/Switched 56, Audio/Voice Band, Sonet/SDH (STM-1/E4/CMI) (2013) 4 pages (53K)                                                                                             Top

Automotive Products

  •  Overview of Pulse´s Automotive Products and Capabilities – (2013) 3 pages (112K)                      Top

Short Form Catalog