Double Your Power Density, Optimized DC/DC Transformers

  Pulse Electronics continues to innovate and bring to market exciting new power magnetic products.   Leveraging the research presented in our 2019 APEC paper “Power Transformer Core Optimization Enables Dramatically Increased Power Density” Pulse has released an improved DC/DC transformer series that maintains the industry standard footprint but doubles the component power density to over 11W/cm3.   The…

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Demystifying Common Mode Choke Design

Common Mode Chokes are used in power supply circuits for filtering in a wide range of electronic products. Although ubiquitous, their function and basic operation is often poorly understood. In any modern electronic product, it is highly likely that several different voltages and power conversion circuits will be required for the device to function properly.…

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Pulse Electronics is excited to introduce a total of nine new series’ of automotive and commercial grade molded powder inductors.  The PA540x, PA544x (commercial grade) and PM540x, PM544x (automotive grade) range in size from 3.7×3.4×1.2mm up to 14×12.8×3.5mm. These platforms add to Pulse’s already popular line of high efficiency power inductors. They are ideal for high current, non-isolated…

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High Current Inductors

High Current Inductors for VR13.5/VR14, Five New Platforms

  Pulse is expanding their portfolio of high current, low DCR inductors used in single phase PoL and multi-phase buck converters  to power processors, memory modules, FPGAs and ASICS in  servers, datacenters, networking systems and graphics cards. The five new families provide lower core loss using the latest high frequency materials, reduced DCR, and higher…

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Dual-Band WiFi6E Banner

NEW! Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6E, External Device Antennas

Our increased need for connectivity and higher data rates has changed the way we use our personal Wi-Fi networks. More importantly, our dependence on Commercial Wi-Fi networks has increased dramatically. Pulse’s newly released Wi-Fi 6E antennas were designed to satisfy the high-performance requirements of our ever-changing wireless landscape. Our dual-band Wi-Fi 6E, device style antennas:…

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