Isolation power transformer

Pulse launches miniature automotive grade, reinforced insulation push pull transformer

Pulse continues its focus on automotive grade isolation transformers with the launch of the PMT9085 push pull transformer series. With its innovative core and bobbin assembly, this product delivers reinforced insulation with 6.4mm creepage distance in a compact 10.4×9.0×6.4mm max package size. This makes it suitable for applications requiring safety compliance for with a working…

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Pulse Electronics is excited to introduce a total of nine new series’ of automotive and commercial grade molded powder inductors.  The PA540x, PA544x (commercial grade) and PM540x, PM544x (automotive grade) range in size from 3.7×3.4×1.2mm up to 14×12.8×3.5mm. These platforms add to Pulse’s already popular line of high efficiency power inductors. They are ideal for high current, non-isolated…

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Pulse Launches A New 5G-FR1 Multiband Antenna Series

  Pulse releases a new 5G-FR1, WiFi-6E Multiband antenna, the SKF5G, enhancing an already impressive 5G-FR1 & WiFi-6E product offering. The SKF5G, a new low profile multiband antenna, designed with attractive OEM profile, rugged construction, and exceptional performance across all key bands. Covering a wide frequency range, 617-960/1710-7125 MHz, with an active L1/L2 GNSS, this…

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Dual-Band WiFi6E Banner

NEW! Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6E, External Device Antennas

Our increased need for connectivity and higher data rates has changed the way we use our personal Wi-Fi networks. More importantly, our dependence on Commercial Wi-Fi networks has increased dramatically. Pulse’s newly released Wi-Fi 6E antennas were designed to satisfy the high-performance requirements of our ever-changing wireless landscape. Our dual-band Wi-Fi 6E, device style antennas:…

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New High Current, Low Profile SMT Inductors

Pulse Electronics Power released a new series of high current, low profile SMT inductors. Designed with the highest energy storage density of any inductor on the market, the inductors have High Current >40Apk) and Low Profile (2.1mm to 5.0mm) features. They offer soft saturation, with no thermal aging and fit industry standard footprints.

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High Current Molded Power Inductor

High Current Molded Power Inductors

The PA/PM540x and PA/PM544x series is our newest line of Molded Power inductors. Designed for high efficiency applications in industrial, communications, computing, and automotive markets. These platforms have low power loss, excellent shielding and can handle high transient current spikes. Ranging in size from 3.7×3.4mm to 14×12.8mm they add to Pulse’s existing molded inductor platforms.…

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