High Current Inductors

High Current Inductors for VR13.5/VR14, Five New Platforms

  Pulse is expanding their portfolio of high current, low DCR inductors used in single phase PoL and multi-phase buck converters  to power processors, memory modules, FPGAs and ASICS in  servers, datacenters, networking systems and graphics cards. The five new families provide lower core loss using the latest high frequency materials, reduced DCR, and higher…

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common mode choke

High Current Surface Mount Automotive Grade Common Mode Chokes Low Profile Planar Construction – PM9407 Series

Pulse is proud to expand its range of automotive grade IATF catalogue common mode choke with the introduction of the PM9407 series. Using Pulse’s round wire coil winding technology, horizontally mounted in a planar core, these new series offer one of the lowest profiles, highest current, surface mount packages currently in the market. The CMC…

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Power beads banner

Dual Winding TLVR Inductor and
Compensation Choke, 105nH to 200nH, 125Apk

Pulse continues to expand our portfolio of inductors used to power processors, memory, FPGAs and ASICs in servers, datacenters and storage systems.  Our latest product developments are specifically designed for use with the trans-inductor voltage regulator (TLVR) topology and leverage our existing high volume automated manufacturing to ensure quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The TLVR topology…

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High Isolation Ethernet Transformers for Industrial and Medical Applications

Pulse Electronics Networking introduces a new series of High Isolation Ethernet Transformers specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of medical and industrial applications, where equipment functionality and safety are key. Highly-regulated market sectors like Energy, Smart Metering, Industrial Control and Medical rely as much on their electrical devices to run smoothly as the professionals…

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