A Novel Design for a 3.6KW LLC Transformer with Tight Tolerance

Innovative Power Transformer Construction Today, electric vehicles and the future promise of autonomous vehicles, are redefining our transportation system. The push for efficient, secure, dependable and economical vehicles dictates advancements in many key technologies. These advancements have in turn created new technological challenges for the power components that are essential for vehicle operation and safety.

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Pulse Withdraws Participation from APEC 2020

Due to the continuing uncertainty caused by CoVid-19, and in an effort to ensure that we act in a socially responsible manner to protect the health of our employees, business partners and community members, Pulse Electronics has made the difficult decision to withdraw from APEC 2020. Pulse looks forward to participating in APEC 2021 in…

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Automotive Ethernet CM Chokes banner

Automotive Ethernet CM Chokes
Smaller Size, Same Great Performance
Case Size: 1210 (PNs AE0100 & AE1210)

  In the automotive networking world, new trends are evolving, and Automotive Ethernet is one of the indispensable technologies. Applications such as Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), Infotainment, Gateways, Body Control, Camera / Radar, and even Vehicle-To-X (V2X) communication are elements of future vehicles that are difficult to imagine without the latest generation of In-Vehicle…

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power transformer

Automotive Grade PM2277
IGBT Drive Transformer

We are excited to present the versatile PM2277, an automotive-grade flyback gate drive transformer designed to cater to a wide range of IGBT device switching needs. This 1.5W flyback transformer provides a +20V output, which can be flexibly transferred to +15V and -5V on the customer’s PC board for SiC switching on and off. The…

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High Isolation Gate Drive Transformer, Encaslation Toroid Platform

Pulse Launches Automotive Grade PMG3045 IGBT Drive Transformer

Pulse is delighted to announce the launch of automotive grade forward gate drive transformer specifically designed for IGBT device switching. The PMG3045NL is a 2W forward transformer which provides a +15V for device switch on as well as a -7.5V for robust switch off.  The encapsulation construction provides 3750KV ac withstand voltage in a compact (15.8×12.5×10.2mm) SMD…

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PM434X Series

PM434X Series: Automotive Molded Power Inductors

Pulse Electronics is excited to introduce a new series of automotive grade, molded power inductors.  The PM434X series is ideal for high current, non-isolated DC/DC converters and voltage regulators.  This new inductor series expands on our existing commercial grade platforms by offering a fully certified IATF alternative offering the same superior electrical performance. It includes…

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Using Battery Management Systems for EVs, HEVs, & PHEVs

Early electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) used either lead-acid batteries or NiMH batteries for storage. However, these batteries were not optimal: EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs require impressive energy storage that even NiMH batteries, with a 68Wh/kg specific energy, aren’t capable of. In search of higher energy-efficiency, many…

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