Isolation power transformer

Pulse launches miniature automotive grade, reinforced insulation push pull transformer

Pulse continues its focus on automotive grade isolation transformers with the launch of the PMT9085 push pull transformer series. With its innovative core and bobbin assembly, this product delivers reinforced insulation with 6.4mm creepage distance in a compact 10.4×9.0×6.4mm max package size. This makes it suitable for applications requiring safety compliance for with a working…

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High Isolation Gate Drive Transformer, Encaslation Toroid Platform

Pulse Launches Automotive Grade PMG3045 IGBT Drive Transformer

Pulse is delighted to announce the launch of automotive grade forward gate drive transformer specifically designed for IGBT device switching. The PMG3045NL is a 2W forward transformer which provides a +15V for device switch on as well as a -7.5V for robust switch off.  The encapsulation construction provides 3750KV ac withstand voltage in a compact (15.8×12.5×10.2mm) SMD…

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Wireless Radome omni antenna

Unleash the Power of WiFi-6E With New Radome Omni Antenna, RO2471NM

  Pulse continues to expand range of products within emerging Technologies, introducing our latest WiFi-6E Radome Omni Antenna, RO2471NM. The RO2471NM antenna harnesses the full potential of WiFi-6E technology, delivering lightning-fast connections and unparalleled bandwidth. With its wideband coverage, 2400-7125 MHz, it ensures enhanced performance even in crowded and high-interference environments. Effortless integration is made…

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IATF Current sense transformer

Pulse Continues its launch of IATF Current Sense Transformers

  Pulse is delighted to announce the expansion of its IATF current sense transformer portfolio with addition of the automotive grade version to the existing PAS6322 series. The PMS6322 series supports current measurement of up to 50Arms. The platform measures 12.8×20.5×7.5mm, has turn ratios from 1:30 to 1:200 and is capable of effectively measuring frequencies…

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Power Bead Inductor

Dual winding TLVR inductors for Multi-phase VR solution, 100nH to 200nH, 117APK

Pulse continues to expand our portfolio of inductors used to power processors, memory, FPGAs and ASICs in servers, datacenters and storage systems.  Our latest product developments are specifically designed for use with the trans-inductor voltage regulator (TLVR) topology and leverage our existing high volume automated manufacturing to ensure quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The TLVR topology…

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wireless W3154 series

Compact Chip Antenna for CBRS Frequency Band, 3500-3980 MHz

Introducing the Pulse Electronics W3154, the latest addition to our line of high-quality off ground SMT monopole antennas designed for CBRS applications. This compact antenna measures just 3.20 x 1.56 x 1.10 mm, making it perfect for space-constrained applications where performance cannot be compromised. The Pulse Electronics W3154 operates in the frequency range of 3500-3980…

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