Wireless Radome omni antenna

Unleash the Power of WiFi-6E With New Radome Omni Antenna, RO2471NM

  Pulse continues to expand range of products within emerging Technologies, introducing our latest WiFi-6E Radome Omni Antenna, RO2471NM. The RO2471NM antenna harnesses the full potential of WiFi-6E technology, delivering lightning-fast connections and unparalleled bandwidth. With its wideband coverage, 2400-7125 MHz, it ensures enhanced performance even in crowded and high-interference environments. Effortless integration is made…

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wireless W3154 series

Compact Chip Antenna for CBRS Frequency Band, 3500-3980 MHz

Introducing the Pulse Electronics W3154, the latest addition to our line of high-quality off ground SMT monopole antennas designed for CBRS applications. This compact antenna measures just 3.20 x 1.56 x 1.10 mm, making it perfect for space-constrained applications where performance cannot be compromised. The Pulse Electronics W3154 operates in the frequency range of 3500-3980…

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High-Q RF Inductor

The BSPQ RF Inductor series, intended for mobile devices, automotive electronics & networking/server products, accomplishes tight frequency filtering in a small profile package. Manufactured with a lithography process Pulse’s RF Inductors offer High-Q Values and excellent current rating. The BSPQ Series Features include: High-Q Values: >20 (0603 series), & >14 (0402 series) DCR Range(ohms): .04-.82…

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Pulse Launches A New 5G-FR1 Multiband Antenna Series

  Pulse releases a new 5G-FR1, WiFi-6E Multiband antenna, the SKF5G, enhancing an already impressive 5G-FR1 & WiFi-6E product offering. The SKF5G, a new low profile multiband antenna, designed with attractive OEM profile, rugged construction, and exceptional performance across all key bands. Covering a wide frequency range, 617-960/1710-7125 MHz, with an active L1/L2 GNSS, this…

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internal antennas W6114

Flexible 5G-FR1 PCB Antenna Alleviates Size Constraints

Pulse has expanded its portfolio of 5G-FR1 antenna products with the addition of our ultra-wideband, flexible PCB antenna, W6114. The W6114 antenna features a flexible, covert, adhesive PCB that covers the entire spectrum of 5G-FR1 & Wi-Fi 6E frequencies. The W6114 is a high-performance, MIMO FPC antenna, with dual cable leads and the flexible  PCB material…

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5G FR1 Low Profile Antenna

NEW! WIDEBAND 5G FR1, Wi-Fi 6E, Low Profile Antenna

Meet our newly designed LPT series antenna, LPT600/71DMN. Our LPT600/71DMN antenna is a 5G FR1, Low Profile Transit, M2M, IOT Antenna. With exceptional performance, covering 617-960/1710-7125 MHz, with 2dBi and 5.5dBi gain, respectively, creating superior coverage over long distances when compared to similar antennas on the market. Our LPT600/71DMN is economically designed without sacrificing the antenna’s performance…

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Dual-Band WiFi6E Banner

NEW! Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6E, External Device Antennas

Our increased need for connectivity and higher data rates has changed the way we use our personal Wi-Fi networks. More importantly, our dependence on Commercial Wi-Fi networks has increased dramatically. Pulse’s newly released Wi-Fi 6E antennas were designed to satisfy the high-performance requirements of our ever-changing wireless landscape. Our dual-band Wi-Fi 6E, device style antennas:…

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