MISA_WLANMetal Islot antenna for WLAN applications on laptops, tablets,Mobile devices

San Diego, Calif. – April 14th, 2017 – Pulse Electronics granted its patent on an open small slot antenna structure for WLAN applications on full metal cover ID of laptops or tablets.

Figure 1 The new Pulse Mini slot antenna


The new Mini open slot antenna is an open slot metal WLAN antenna structure including an open metal slotted at side metal wall, display screen, equipment, side metal, metal rear shell, the display screen and the metal rear shell are arranged on the upper and lower sides of the equipment, the display screen and the metal rear shell through the side of the metal wall with the fixed connection, the display window is embedded in the side of the metal rear chassis, the metal groove is integral with the side metal.

The new design model solves the scheme of realizing the WLAN antenna by the metal notebook or the metal tablet computer, the antenna comprises a 40mm × 2mm side wall window and a 1mm metal groove and a matching circuit and an antenna radiating plate, the slotted short arm and the long arm as part of the antenna radiation with the matching circuit and antenna alignment to achieve WLAN antenna radiation function, the metal slot and antenna alignment coupling radiation energy, matching circuit to adjust the antenna 50 ohm impedance, can achieve dual frequency.


Traditional designs for full metal ID are usually to have slots as a ring, along the metal cover front face to get antenna work preparedly, which obviously breaks ID’s integrity. To minimize this impact, Pulse’s patent introduced a highly effective way to design a good performance antenna on the side wall of the metal cover. The design was consisting of an open slot on the side wall of the metal cover, a FPC or metallic structure next to the slot and at the inner side of the cover with radiation elements and matching components on, and a coaxial cable to connect the radiation elements and the WiFi transceiver.

Figure 2 The traditional Slot design



“At present the market to achieve the WLAN antenna need to open a large plastic window or ring in the metal shell to achieve the antenna radiation, but this will affect the ID and overall appearance, Pulse‘s new Mini open slot antenna solution for metal chassis can achieve a very small area, ID will keep the maximum metal, same times will achieve a good antenna radiation performance, the Pulse’s new antenna series can be used at laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and similar devices,” said Jon Yu, general manager of Pulse Electronics Consumer Business Unit.


For more information about the antenna solution pls visit the website at http://antennas.pulseelectronics.com/ or  http://www.fluidant.com, or contact Pulse Electronics at MobileDeviceAntennaSales@pulseelectronics.com.


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