The increasing demand for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles is expected to spur the Battery Management System market demand globally. The BMS market is predicted to reach 10.5 billion by 2024. In addition, the sales of electric vehicles will overtake the sales of internal combustion engine vehicles by the year 2038

How do Automotive Design Engineers keep up with the increasing demand? We’re glad you asked. Pulse Electronics is introducing a series of automotive qualified AEC-Q200 isolation transformers specifically designed to better serve engineers who are developing new BMS systems. We help you bring your battery management systems to the next level. By engineering systems with our broad range of battery management magnetic components, you can surpass your most challenging system requirements.

Our components install quickly, integrate easily, and operate reliably to deliver you more. From portable electronics to electric vehicles (EVs), our battery management solutions are widely used as a primary energy source in many applications. Pulse power products track your operational performance for variations in internal temperature, filter high-frequency noise, and provide a safety isolation as well as desired output voltage in the critical power converting stages.

When it comes to product solutions for your Battery Management Systems, Pulse Electronics is the preferred power partner for “innovation-forward” automotive design engineers.

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