Pulse Electronics Battery Management System components support Electrical Vehicle and Energy Storage applications, are AEC-Q200 qualified, and are built in IATF16949 factories.





Electrical Vehicles and Energy storage systems using Li-ion batteries typically require Battery Management Systems (BMS) to monitor the behavior of the electrochemical reaction of each battery cell and control their charging and discharging procedures. In addition, the BMS monitors battery temperature and battery health status, bypassing any defective battery cells, and notifying the central processor unit (CPU) on the condition of each cell. These systems require Pulse signal isolation transformers and common mode chokes to provide safety isolation and EMI noise suppression for the  signal lines.  In addition to safety isolation and EMI noise suppression the signal transformers allow for communications between the batteries and the BMS controller that is monitoring the batteries performance. Pulse BMS components are AEC-Q200 qualified, built in IATF16949 factories, operate over a temp. range of -40C up to 150C, have multiple package options available and can be customized for specific application requirements.