San Diego, Calif. – May 11, 2016 — Pulse Electronics Corporation introduces two unique and performance-enhancing installation options for its PIMinator® line of distributed antenna system (DAS) in-building ceiling-mount antennas. The DASACHOLDER is a sturdy, plastic, above-ceiling antenna holder that is easy to install, is hidden above the ceiling so it doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of the building, and does not induce passive intermodulation (PIM) in in-building installations. The DASACABSORBER attaches to the plastic holder or surrounding structures and helps mitigate the effects of PIM sources by absorbing reflections on cellular radio frequencies in the transmit and receive bands. The result is a confirmed reduction of PIM energy by as much as 40dB.

“Pulse’s new DAS antenna mounting options are really quite revolutionary,” explained Olivier Robin, general manager for Pulse Electronics Wireless Infrastructure business unit. “Pulse’s antenna holder is a versatile, robust above-ceiling bracket that is constructed with a non-PIM-inducing material and design. There are other above ceiling brackets on the market, but Pulse’s is the only one that provides the structural integrity demanded by carrier networks while not aggravating the harmful effects of PIM on network data throughput. Additionally, Pulse’s absorber actually reduces PIM for a combination that gives the best performance available.”

Pulse’s PIMinator line of DAS antennas operates from 698 MHz through 5900 MHz while meeting global wireless carrier requirements. Pulse Electronics’ extremely low PIM spec of -155 dBc at 2×20 watts (2x43dBm) ensures high data rates to support streaming video for mobile devices.

The DASACHOLDER is a resilient, reliable antenna support which mounts directly to the ceiling tile support rail structure of standard 2’x2’ and 2’x4’ ceiling tile construction using easy snap-in features. Antennas mounted above the ceiling tiles are held rigid by the holder and therefore are not easily disrupted or impacted by mild ceiling tile movement, unlike alternative attachment methods. The DASACHOLDER is ideally used with Pulse’s SISO and MIMO DAS PIMinator antennas; however, the holder is suitable for use with antennas from many vendors in the industry.

The DASACABSORBER above-ceiling PIM reducer sits between the antennas and surrounding structures to help mitigate the effects of PIM sources. It can also minimize RF radiation above the antennas where signals can interfere with the floor above and reduce overall DAS performance. The PIM absorber is plenum-rated, non-flammable, and non-smoke.

You’re invited to see the Pulse Electronics family of DAS antennas and to speak to our technical experts at the DAS Congress, May 16th-18th, 2016, at the Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The products meet the above-ceiling installation requirements of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Samples are available immediately. Production lead time is 4-6 weeks. For more information see the DASACHOLDER datasheet at and the DASACABSORBER datasheet at, visit the website for DAS products at, or contact the Pulse Electronics antenna team at
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