V-Thinity ultra-thin VHF antenna is perfect for Police, Fire and Government in-building communications systems.

VANCOUVER, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pulse Electronics Corporation introduces the V-Thinity wideband, VHF in-building public safety antenna. Engineered to an aesthetically pleasing 1.5mm (.060 inch) thickness and optimized for low-frequency in-building environments, the V-Thinity (PSIBVHF) covers 132 to 174 MHz for Police, Fire and Government communications. The low-profile 380×380 mm (15×15 inch) antenna weighs only 550 grams and provides multi floor coverage. A bi-directional amplifier allows installers to avoid the nulls found with traditional dipoles.

Pulse Electronics introduces V-Thinity (PSIBVHF) for Police, Fire and Government in-building VHF antenna solutions.

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“V-Thinity sets a new standard in low-profile VHF public safety antennas,” explains Olivier Robin, general manager for Pulse Electronics Wireless Infrastructure business unit. “Designed to perfectly complement in-building repeater systems, the antenna reduces the number of necessary parts to provide strong, continuous coverage across public safety frequencies in a compact, easy-to-install component.”

This new ultra low-profile VHF antenna is perfect for in-building public safety systems seeking multi-floor coverage in a sleek aesthetically pleasing design.

For more detailed information on the V-Thinity antenna, click here: PSIBVHF or contact PulseLarsen Antennas at antennas.us@pulseelectronics.com. Full pattern data and VEX files are available on iBWave.

Check out the V-Thinity at APCO 2016 in Orlando, FL August 14-16.

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