New solid-ceiling adapter makes installation amazingly simple

April 19, 2016 — Pulse Electronics Corporation introduces the Clarity™ White Antenna to its popular Clarity family of DAS, ultra-thin, ceiling-mount, omni-directional antennas. An extension of the translucent Clarity antenna family, the white antenna offers a lower cost, yet high performance antenna that fits the aesthetic requirements of many buildings and public places. It can be installed with Pulse’s new solid-ceiling adapter which makes antenna installation amazingly simple, even in hard-pan ceilings without easy installation access.

The new Clarity White family covers cellular bands 608-2700 MHz. Like all antennas in Pulse Electronics’ PIMinator® line of DAS antennas, the PIM performance is exceptional, with a rating better than -155dBc at 2×20 watts (2x43dBm). These antennas meet global wireless carrier requirements, including AT&T and Verizon Wireless. The ultra-thin antenna extends just 0.33 inches (8.4mm) below the ceiling. The antenna is 9.41 inches (239mm) in diameter, so it’s hardly noticeable. The antenna blends in with the ceiling so is ideal for providing wireless network access in hotels, convention centers, formal spaces, older buildings with low ceilings, and shallow spaces.

The new installation adapter (part number: DASCLINSERT) eliminates the problem of trying to install an antenna in ceilings where there is limited access above the antenna for installation. This is not a problem in drop-ceilings, but in areas with extensive industrial design and where visual appeal is important, there’s usually not enough room.  The DASCLINSERT adapter implements a blind-hole installation and can be installed in a ceiling with a simple 1/8th turn-and-lock rotation. The installation adapter does not induce PIM and doesn’t affect the low profile installation of the Clarity family.

“Folks really love our Clarity translucent antennas, the way they look, their excellent performance, and how cleverly they can be installed with the installation adapter,” said Olivier Robin, general manager for Pulse Electronics Wireless Infrastructure business unit. “The white antenna continues the beauty of the Clarity transparent family and offers an additional choice at a reasonable price.”

The Clarity White family consists of six variants plus a reflector, bringing to 12 the number of variants in the Clarity family. Parts include the: DASUTWC500NF and DASUTWCR500NF with N female connector, the DASUTWC500MD and DASUTWCR500MD with 4.1-9.5 mini-DIN connector, and the DASUTWC5004310 and DASUTWCR5004310 with 4.3-10 connector, either with or without an energy director.

You can see the family of DAS antennas and speak to our technical experts at the DAS Congress, May 16th – 18th, 2016, at the Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Samples of the Clarity White antennas are currently available. Production time is 4-6 weeks. For more information see the Clarity-White datasheet at, and the installation adapter at,
visit the website for DAS products at, or contact the Pulse Electronics antenna team at

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