May 28, 2015 — Pulse Electronics Corporation, a leading provider of electronic components, introduces a new 1×4 10GBASE-T Integrated Connector Module (ICM) platform that is designed to meet or exceed IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T requirements over 100 meters and can support IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE). The Pulse 10GBASE-T multiport ICMs are ideal for base stations, gateways, routers, and switches that require PoE capability and have a need for higher bandwidth.

Pulse’s 10GBASE-T ICMs have additional EMI shielding between ports for improved isolation and are tuned to achieve flat insertion loss and excellent return loss performance over 10GBASE-T frequencies.  The JT6 connector series is offered with and without PoE capability, in 4 or 5 channel configurations, and with multiple LED options.

“Pulse 1×4 10GBase-T ICMs are designed to support both current and voltage mode PHY chipsets and are qualified at all major 10G PHY vendors,” said Muhammad Khan, product manager, Pulse Electronics. “Pulse works closely with server, router, base station, and switch OEMs and silicon vendors to provide ICM solutions that support 10Gbit/s transmission speeds within the 10GBASE-T ecosystem.”

Pulse Electronics JT6 ICMs are RoHS compliant; a Halogen-free option is available. The part ships in trays. The ICMs are currently in high volume production and samples are available. More information can be found on the datasheet, located at, on the Pulse Electronics website at, or email

About Pulse Electronics

Pulse Electronics is an electronic components partner that helps customers build the next great product by providing the needed technical solutions. Pulse Electronics has a long operating history of innovation in magnetics, antennas, and connectors, as well as the ability to ramp quickly into high-quality, high-volume production. The Company serves the wireless and wireline communications, power management, military/aerospace, and automotive industries. Pulse Electronics is a participating member of the IEEE, SFF, OIF, HDBaseT Alliance, CommNexus, NFC Forum, MoCA, and IWPC. Visit the Pulse Electronics website at

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