Dear Pulse Partner,

Just after 8:00am local time on Saturday morning, a large earthquake struck in Sichuan province in China near the city of Yai An.  As you know we operate two production facilities in this province and many have inquired about the safety of our people and of our facilities.  The location of the quake was about 300 kilometers from our closest facility and we are fortunate to announce that all of our people and all of our facilities are safe, unharmed and operating as usual.

Logistics in the region are tight as emergency supplies are brought in to aid those impacted.  We have moved freight to ground transportation to insure unaffected delivery.  Our logistics team continually monitors the situation and is moving inbound and outbound freight as necessary.  We expect little impact to shipments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your normal Pulse contact.



Alan Benjamin

Chief Operating Officer, Pulse Electronics