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Achieving higher power density and fully utilizing board space are challenges for power supply designs, especially in applications for industrial, communications, and personal electronics markets. Pulse’s newest line of miniature molded inductors, the BDQQ series, looks to tackle these challenges by reducing the overall losses in point-of-load designs (PoL), especially buck converter applications for smart phones and wearable devices.

The BDQQ series is a bottom terminated product, where the terminal is directly formed by the flat enameled wire on the base. Without the contact resistance of the lead frame as seen from more traditional molded inductors, the BDQQ series will typically have lower DCR. Space savings is further driven with smaller package sizes including: 1.4 x 1.2mm, 2.0 x 1.2mm, 2.0 x 1.6mm, while the termination of the series allows for the inductors to be placed close to each other on the PCB. A broad range of inductances values can be expected ranging from 110nH to 2.2uH to account for various PoL designs. With both the special patented coil design and new magnetic powder development, the BDQQ series will achieve better performance with a lower dc resistance, higher saturation current, and a lower core loss. To summarize, the BDQQ series will help customers improve their system’s efficiency and through the inductor’s bottom termination design, will help reduce the overall solution’s footprint.

“This is a new milestone for Pulse to step into a new era of power inductors with the trend of miniaturization and low profile. With the new design of integrated manufacturing systems of wire winding and magnetic powder forming processes, the cost-effectiveness of new bottom termination products will help our customers’ products to be more competitive with their competition. Smaller and thinner power inductors will be released next year.”


Alex Lin | Product Marketing, Standard Power PBU, Pulse Electronics

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