Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit has released two new high isolation SMT flyback gate drive transformers. The PH9363NL and PH0416NL platforms provide a high isolation as well as powering the gate drive circuitry in a compact and cost effective industrial design.

“The PH9363NL and PH0416NL are Pulse Electronics’ new high isolation flyback converter transformers with AEC-Q200 qualification for typical IGBT Gate Drivers in HEV/EV Powertrain Inverters.”
Omara Aziz | Field Application Engineer

PH9363NL and PH0416NL Key Features

The PH9363NL and PH0416NL platforms are part of our power transformers family.

  • Flyback Converter Transformer
  • Designed for Avago ACPL-32JT and ACPL-302J IGBT Gate Driver
  • RoHS Compliant


    • Reinforced insulation, 8.3mm extended creepage
    • 5KV isolation
    • EP7 platform with AEC-Q200 qualification


    • Basic insulation, 2.8mm creepage
    • 2.5KV isolation
    • Industry standard ER11/5 platform

PH9363NL and PH0416NL Applications

An isolated IGBT gate driver requires isolated power supply for safety isolation. Pulse Electronics Power BU’s flyback gate drive transformers deliver a distributed isolated supply to the Gate Drive circuits.

The PH9363NL and PH0416NL platforms are ideally suited for the following applications:

  • Powertrain Inverter
  • Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Motor Drive Applications
  • MOSFETs and IGBTs drive circuitry

PH9363NL and PH0416NL Mechanicals & Schematics

The isolation boundary is well aligned with the gate driver resulting in a compact PCB layout using the PH9363NL and PH0416NL platforms. Some key points regarding the new flyback gate drive transformers:

  • PH0416NL:
    • Certifications Include: UL 60950-1 / TUV EN61558
    • Compact and cost effective EP7 SMD package
  • PH9363NL:
    • Low-profile ER SMD with 6.5mm Height

This series is available in T&R packaging; please refer to the T&R information in the mechanical and schematic below.



Typical Gate Drive IGBT Application Block Diagram


More Info On Our PH9363NL/PH0416NL High Isolation Flyback Gate Drive Transformers

To view, compare and download data sheets for the PH9363NL and PH0416NL platform components, visit our dedicated pages for the PH9363NL and the PH0416NL. To inquire about lead times, competitive pricing, samples and more, simply contact us or use our quote form accessed using the button below.

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