About Our Wideband PLC Transformers

Pulse Electronics launches a selection of wide band Power Line Communication transformers than can be used in residential, industrial or automotive applications. The PLC designs are offered in Surface Mount packages with High Isolation and small footprint. These PLC parts are for detection and transmission of wideband Low voltage differential data and communication signals (LVDS) operating on carrier frequencies above 300kHz. The BM6154NL, BM6155NLand BMU6201NL, meet automotive temperature grade 1 and 2 respectively and are backed up by high reliability, high volume manufacturing and longterm support. They also meet AEC-Q200 automotive reliability requirements and can be manufacture in an ISO/IATF16949 facility.


  • Wideband Frequency response 3~30MHz

  • Industrial and Automotive Temperature ranges

  • Turns ratio supports variety of PLC chipsets

  • Designed with IEC-62368 for 250v mains supply

  • Automotive options meet AEC-Q200 and can be converted to ISO/

    IATF16949 and PPAP designs.

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