Pulse Electronics continues the expansion of our composite core power inductor products adding four new platform sizes. These new products offer extremely high energy storage density 1300uJ/cm3, current ratings in excess of 39Apk and range in size from 4.3 x 4.3 up to 16.8 x 15.8.  Available in both commercial grade (-40C to 130C) and automotive grade (-55C to 155C) these products are ideally suited for any high performance applications in the communications, computing, industrial, and automotive market segments. Composite core inductors offer superior performance over similar molded powder inductors due to the high density core materials and low loss winding structure and retain the desired soft saturation characteristics.

composite power inductors

“The wide variation in power inductor applications necessitates having a robust product offering so design engineers can find all that they need from a company they trust.  These four additional platform sizes strengthens the Pulse high performance inductor portfolio.”

John Gallagher | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics

Key Features

  • Automotive Grade Reliability
  • Meets IATF16949 standards
  • High current, low DCR and high efficiency
  • High reliability, minimized acoustic noise and low leakage flux

Additional Composite Core Inductors

Commercial Automotive Dimensions
PA5175.XXXNLT PM5175.XXXNLT 5.7 x 5.5 x 5mm
PA2240.XXXNLT PA2240.XXXNLT 8.0 x 7.8 x 7.0mm
PA2247.XXXNLT PM2247.XXXNLT 16.8 x x15.8 x 10.0mm
PA2248.XXXNLT PM2248.XXXNLT 16.8 x x15.8 x 15.0mm


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