The demand for electric vehicles, for both personal and commercial transportation, continues to grow and with this growth comes increased pressure on designers of on-board chargers (OBC) and DC/DC inverters to ensure the battery packs are efficiently utilized.  This reality, in turn, puts renewed focus on the power magnetic components that are used to provide isolation and voltage conversion throughout the vehicle.  

The need to ensure that these high power magnetics are optimized in terms of density, weight, efficiency and cost along with the increased usage of resonate mode switching topologies dictates the use of advanced 3D design techniques. It is no longer possible to create a viable design using 2D iterative equations. Pulse Electronics employs our expertise and vast design experience to provide leading edge power magnetics. 

1.8KW transformer - automotive

“Optimized high power magnetic design is only possible through the effective use of finite element modeling. Pulse employs our expertise to ensure we can provide the most efficient designs for our automotive customers.”

John Gallagher | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics

Today, engineers are requesting magnetic parts in applications that use phase-shifted full bridge (PSFB) and LLC converters. In our white paper, “Design of High Power Planar Magnetics for a 1.8KW Phase Shifted Full bridge Converter using Advanced FEA Electromagnetic’s Tools,” we analyze two magnetics, a phase-shifted full bridge transformer and accompanying output inductor, to prove out the benefits of FEA for optimizing designs. These magnetics are used in a 1.8kW DC/DC inverter for HEV/EV automotive applications.

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