isolation gate transformer

Pulse continues to expand its range of high isolation gate drive transformer with the introduction of the PH9572 series. These transformers use the compact EP7 platform, which requires only a 10 x 9mm footprint and an 11mm height. A distinguishing feature of this series is the two gate windings with up to 5mm creepage between windings. This, together with up to 2500Vrms gate to gate and gate to drive isolation capability, and 6W of driver power, makes it one of the best solutions in the industry.

Two product lines, differentiated by specific insulation and safety classes are introduced, the NL series, offering functional insulation and tested up to 500Vdc constant isolation capability and 1500Vrms dielectric strength, and the ANL series, providing basic insulation and tested up to 1000Vdc constant isolation capability and 2500Vrms dielectric strength.  The ANL series also boasts a large 5mm creepage between the gate windings.


“With the industry moving towards fitting in more power in less board space, the resultant multiple ground planes require a constant isolation barrier to be present between the different voltage planes. The PH9572 series are ideally suited for such designs. Along with  the up to 2500Vrms dielectric withstand (isolation) capability, the PH9572 series is also designed for up to 1000Vrms constant isolation capability and  6W of driver power.”

Shreyankh Krishnamurthy | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics


The combination of the compact footprint from the EP7 platform along with superior continuous isolation capability of both the- NL and ANL series, make this product line very well suited for industrial, renewable energy generation and storage systems.  The parts are also suitable for automotive applications such as inverters, OBC, DC/DC and BMS and automotive grade versions are currently under  development.

Further information on continuous isolation testing and capabilities can be found in  in our   technical paper – How does it work? Partial discharge testing explained.

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