Automotive current sense maganetics

Pulse is excited to announce the launch of an automotive grade IATF certified version of our popular PH9505 series of high isolation current sense transformer, which remains same platform and footprint size with PH9505.

 The PMS9505 uses a unique construction where the primary winding which is molded into the plastic base forming a solid insulation barrier. This allows the part to be compact, 13.6×12.8×14.4mm, and achieve reinforced insulation per IEC60664/IEC60950-1 for a working voltage up to 300Vrms. The low DCR primary allows for a rated current of 30Arms with a range of turns ratios from 1:50 to 1:180. Please see the PMS9505 datasheet for further details.


“Our existing product line for surface mount current sense transformers, including the ever popular PA1005 EE5 series, remain the component of choice for applications that require just functional insulation. However, many automotive applications require reinforced insulation, where current needs to be measured across different ground planes. This is a typical requirement for OBC and DC to DC converter in EV, PMS9505 is designed to satisfy with these requirements.”


Kevin Li, Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics

The high current rating of these compact solutions are well suited to high performance applications such as battery management, power conversion, inverter drive and motor control. To see Pulse’s complete line of Surface Mount Current Sense Magnetics please see our product overview.

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