Pulse has expanded its range of automotive grade IATF catalogue common mode chokes with the introduction of the PMC9539 series. Using Pulse’s round wire coil winding technology, the series is built with a very small form-factor of 19.6 mm x 17.8 mm x 15.5mm and uses the highly popular EP core shape construction. With inductance values ranging from 90µH to 250µH and a current rating up to 25A, these products are specially designed for EMI filtering for automotive electrification but are suitable for other applications.


The PMC9539 is designed as a through-hole component and is suitable for high vibration environments and has a maximum isolation capability of 1000Vdc between the windings. A high permeability ferrite material is utilized to minimize the number of turns and enable low DC resistance (less than 3mΩ). The parts offer a much higher current rating than other similarly sized common mode chokes in the market.


We have been delighted with the market interest towards our PH940x, PAC6006, and the PA514x series, and the range of applications which they have been designed into. This product offering responds to the feedback we received regarding automotive grade components in the round wire coil construction. Compared to existing products on the market that occupy a similar footprint, the compact construction of the PMC9539 provides more than twice the current rating for a given inductance, along with it being completely AEC-Q200 qualified and IATF launched. 

Shreyankh Krishnamurthy | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics


With the winding of the round wire coil being fully automated, this product is well suited for high-performance, high-reliability applications in the automotive, data communications, computing, and industrial markets which also require a price competitive solution. 


Further information to understand the operation of the common mode chokes, and how they can be used as a part of the EMI filtering circuit is available on our white paper –  “How Does it Work – Common Mode Chokes”


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