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Pulse Electronics Networking BU team has expanded its HDBaseT product offering with the introduction of a HDBaseT Connector Module and 140W Transformer Module that are suitable for a variety of HDBaseT applications.

With common noise reduction, these products improve EMI performance and support power over HDBaseT (PoH) applications, up to 140W. HDBaseT technology provides ultra-high definition 4K video, audio, 100BASE-TX Ethernet, multiple control signals, and up to 100W of power over a single 100m/328ft CAT5e/6 cable.

“Pulse Electronics has expanded its product offering of HDBaseT components to support this growing market. Pulse parts meet HDBaseT requirements, are compatible with Valens PHY and can support PoE up to 140W max.”
Jonas Miller | WW Marketing Manager

These components expand an already extensive product line of HDBaseT Modules. These parts are all qualified for Valen chipsets. To meet the market demand, we offer high volume production. No matter the product, we build reliability into every Pulse Electronics Networking products so you can achieve efficient, cost effective products.

HDBaseT Connector Module & 140W Transformer Module Key Features

The key features of the HDBaseT Modules give users a better experience. Since the HDBaseT is an industry standard, you know you’ll never be disappointed with the output and results of these modules. Some of the key features of Pulse’s HDBaseT components include:

Features and Benefits:

  • Qualified for Valens chipsets
  • Supports Power Over HDBaseT up to 140W
  • Suitable for a variety of HDBaseT applications
  • High volume production
  • Industry standard footprint

HDBaseT Connector Module & 140W Transformer Module Applications

The HDBaseT components provide high-quality audio and visuals for a variety of HDBaseT applications. Just some of the applications that work with the HDBaseT module include:

  • Blu-ray players, DVD players, and recorders
  • Displays
  • Digital set top box
  • Personal computers
  • Projectors
  • A/V receivers
  • Game consoles
  • HDMI repeaters, splitters and switches

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Featured Products HD8006FNL-01


  • Description: MDL, Single, HDBT
  • PoE (W): 140W
  • Valens PHY: VS010, VS020, VS100, VS200, VS2000, VS2310


  • Description: CONN, 1×1, HDBT, Tab Up
  • PoE (W): 30W
  • Valens PHY: VS010, VS020, VS100, VS200, VS2000, VS2310

More Info on Our HDBaseT Connector Module & 140W Transformer Module

The HDBaseT Connector Module and 140W Transformer Module are available in two components: the HD8006FNL and JK0-8001NL.

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Download HD8006FNL Datasheet | Download JK0-8001NL Datasheet