Pulse Electronics is committed to ethical business conduct and practices. We believe that fair, honest and ethical conduct in our daily business activities is critical to our continued success. The Code of Business Conduct and related corporate policies reflect  Pulse Electronics´ core values and provide a framework for expected conduct on the part of all Pulse Electronics directors, officers, employees and representatives. Common sense and good judgment will help you make the right choice when facing most situations. When the right decision is not so clear-cut, then review the Code of Business Conduct and our corporate policies to help evaluate the situation. If you are still uncertain, you should seek advice before you act. In addition, your supervisor, manager, and General Counsel are available to advise you.

General Counsel

Ray Chan

Pulse Electronics
15255 Innovation Drive, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92128
United States
(858) 674-8100

If you are uncomfortable going to these resources, we encourage you to call the Ethics Hotline, a phone and internet-based reporting hotline system which is managed by Ethics Point. The Ethics Point hotline provides an alternative channel for you to communicate your concerns confidentially and anonymously if you so choose. To submit a potential allegation, question, or suggestion via phone using the Hotline please call the designated hotline toll free numbers for your country and an Ethics Point Contact Center Specialist will facilitate the call gathering all your required information.Click here for more information

If you do not feel comfortable bringing information forward over the phone, we have enabled a web intake method you can use by clicking here.

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