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PulseLarsen offers a wide range of outdoor antenna solutions–each designed for specific uses, environments, and needs. Here are the answers to some of our customers’ most common questions about our outdoor antennas.


Why are the multiband Razorback (RAZ), Panther (PAN), Jaguar (JAG), Armadillo (ARM), and DISC so popular?

Among our most popular outdoor solutions are our families of vehicular multiband antennas. Why are they so often utilized by fleets of vehicles, from bus lines to trains to emergency vehicles to taxis? Our customers love them because they offer a wide range of dimensions benefits and options in addition to great radio frequency (RF) performance and ruggedness.


What is the weatherproof rating of your outdoor antennas?

All of PulseLarsen’s outdoor antennas have a weatherproof rating of IP67.

“IP” is the name of the standard created by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to illustrate how resistant an electrical device is to water and common raw materials like dust and dirt. The first number that follows the IP describes how resistant the device is to raw materials, while the second describes how resistant the device is to fresh water.

Devices, like our antennas, that have an IP67 rating have full protection from harmful dust and can can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour.


Are all of your outdoor antennas available in black and white?

Yes, all of our outdoor antennas are available in both a black and white color option, making it easy to find a good match for your antenna needs.


What are the different ways to mount multiband antennas?

There are three major ways to mount our multiband antennas: direct mount, magnetic mount or adhesive mount. Each of these choices comes with its own benefits and advantages. A direct mount attaches the antenna with a stud, while an adhesive mount attaches the antenna with a glue and the magnetic mount uses a magnet. Direct mounts, especially with steel studs, are great robust, tamper-proof options, while an adhesive mount is ideal for non-metal surfaces and a magnetic mount is ideal for metal surfaces that you do not want to disturb the integrity of.


What frequency range can be covered by the Radome Omni antenna series?

Radome Omni single band antennas come in a variety of frequencies including 2.4, 4.9 and 5.xx GHz, while the multiband options cover 806-960/1710-2170 MHz. Gains range from 4dBi to 10 dBi, and most models are available with either an N Male or N Female connector. More options for downtilt, uptilt and dual band WLAN versions are in development.


What frequency range is covered by the Yagi antennas?

The Yagi antenna series covers 406MHz to 2400MHz. Specifically, the YA3 antenna has frequencies from 406-470 MHz, while the YA5 & 6 “W” antennas have frequencies from 740-960 MHz.

Yagi directional antennas are ruggedized with strengthened aluminum alloys to assure long life and best performance for the most demanding applications even in the most extreme weather conditions, while convenient “U” bolt mounting makes installation easy.


What frequency range is covered by the BSA and FB base station antennas?

The range of base station antennas are 27 to 2.5GHz, in various shapes and ground planes.


Are all multiband antenna designed for a metallic ground plane?

While most of our multiband antennas are designed for a metallic ground plane, our Jaguar (JAG) multiband antenna is designed for a fiberglass surface. While this low profile, easily-customizable antenna is created for non-metallic surfaces, there are several mounting options available for use on metal surfaces, including adhesive, direct mount and magnetic mounts, or even an all-in-one option!


What are the color choices for the SLPT antenna?

The SLPT (Shadow Low Profile Transit) antenna is available in white, black and clear/transparent. This product line, for IoT, Public Safety, WLAN, LTE and 3G/4G applications, is a unique combination of slim and rugged.  


What types of outdoor antennas are available?

Our rugged and customized low-profile antennas include the Panther (GPSMB5), Jaguar (GPSLPMB4), Armadillo (ARM and GPSCP), Razorback (RAZ), Shark Fin (GPSDM), and DISC (W4165).


PulseLarsen has a variety of additional outdoor antennas.  Don’t see what you need – ask us to customize!


Do You Have More Questions About Our Outdoor Antenna Solutions?

If your question about our antennas wasn’t answered above, or if you would like to purchase antennas for use, please contact our team today.


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