Suzhou, China, October 14, 2018 Pulse Electronics Wireless Consumer has received the purchase order for one FluidWRITER PL4100 from a well-known PC and Notebook provider in US.

The PL4100 is a smart sized affordable tabletop machine perfectly suited for R&D purposes; print the antenna trace directly on any substrate and find out the performance the same day.

Besides printing conductive traces on plastic material, PL4100 can also run the trace on different material simultaneously as metal, glass and ceramic.

Of course, the application usage of PL4100 is wide and other areas that the technology covers are; RF shielding, galvanic connections, LED, electrical circuit etc.


Antenna engineers rapidly needs to test their design and with most other antenna technologies (LDS, FPC, Sheet Metal…) there is a lead time for getting the samples.

With PL4100 the metalized pattern can be obtained directly and ready to be tested, which saves a lot of time and cost.


Having own machine gives also full confidentiality where all samples and testing can be done in-house, no need for sending part for metallization, thus the ID of product can be protected until it’s launched.

“I’m very happy to announce the good news and it again shows proof of our FluidANT technology, and it certainly shows advantages towards competition. Great work from our FluidANT team and a special thanks to our Sales & FAE Manager in US Richard Wang”, says Jon Yu, General Manager of Wireless Consumer BU.


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