FluidANT, a superb 3D printing technology, acknowledged great visitor reception on Productronica exhibition in Munich, Nov 2017

Oulunsalo, Finland Nov 20, 2017Pulse Electronics Wireless Consumer and FluidANT team made a joint effort to exhibit FluidANT technology on Productronica exhibition in Munich, Nov 14-17.

The tabletop FluidWRITER IV R&D machine was installed to show simulation of conductive printed trace on a plastic substrate while the TV monitors were presenting numerous videos of detailed features and applications.



This unique technology allows conductive ink to be printed directly on 3D surfaces with wide use of applications; high efficient antennas for smartphones, tablets, wearables, STB, IoT devices or sensor- and electrical circuit printing. No restriction to any material and fully possible to print traces on different substrate simultaneously; from plastic to metal and glass with same trace, enabling full integration possibility.

We were amazed to see how visitors, from all regions and with different application areas, were attracted to our FluidANT booth – asking questions and exchanging business cards.


Demonstrating FluidWriter IV R&D tabletop machine and showing printed samples –  an excellent match to obtain visitor interest and hopefully bring added value to their product.

Jon Yu, General Manager of Wireless Consumer BU, says: “We have the fortunate to demonstrate our FluidWRITER IV R&D tabletop machine for a bigger audience and amazed on the positive reception. We highly believe that time is here for conductive printed antennas and electronics. The team will now continue to focus on customer request and bring their wish to production”.


The interested visitor could sit down and discuss details of our FluidANT technology in more relaxed atmosphere.


Joined exhibition, Consumer – and Infrastructure BU. Presenting Pulse Electronics total antenna offerings.

The booth was shared with our Infrastructure BU, presenting entire Pulse Electronics antenna products and capabilities. Even though the high visitor interest were at our FluidANT technology, the presence of Infrastructure- and Consumer BU gave proof of our leadership in antenna technology and industry, specially by demonstrating our innovative antenna samples.


Overall, an excellent and efficient exhibition, with great amount of visitor interest – definitely giving us the response we were looking for.

We truly believe the time is here for our FluidANT technology, printed antennas and electronics.


For more information about FluidANT and Printers, please visit our websites:

www.fluidant.com,  http://antennas.pulseelectronics.com/manufacturing/fluidant/ or http://pulselarsenantennas.com


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