current sense transformers


Pulse has expanded its range of surface mount current sense transformers (CST) with the launch of the PH9494 series. This 13x10x7.2mm EE8 platform extends the current carrying capability of our miniature CST product offering to 30A by implementing a very low DCR (0.35mOhm max) single turn primary winding . The series includes multiple  secondary winding configurations enabling  primary to secondary turns ratios from 1:50 to 1:200.

Current sense transformers provide isolation between sensitive control circuits and the higher power rails that are being measured.  They are a cost-effective and low loss approach for measuring currents in high frequency voltage regulators and switch mode power supplies.   The current to be sensed is routed through the single turn low resistance primary winding which creates a magnetic field within the component core. This magnetic field is then coupled to high turn count secondary creating a lower current that is proportional to the turns ratio.   As there is no electrical connection between primary and secondary safe isolation is achieved.  


The new PH9494 series complements our ever-popular EE5 PA1005 series in its 8x7x6mm package size. However, the higher power demands of the datacom wireless base station market are driving the needs for higher current solutions in similarly compact package styles. This new series utilizes the same high level of automation to deliver a high reliability cost effective solution. Indeed, such features make this product interesting for current measurement in automotive DC/DC and motor drive inverter applications.

Gerard Healy | Product Marketing, Power PBU, Pulse Electronics


Pulse specializes in providing surface mount CST solutions, from functional to reinforced insulation, with isolations up to 4.4KVrms. The reader is referred to our product summary  for details of these and to refer back to as further products, including the IATF version of the PH9494 series, are added to our portfolio.  


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