Pulse Electronics expands its range of surface mount common mode chokes with the introduction of the PA5140/41 series. Using the fully automated round wire coil forming technology developed for its existing high current inductor product line, these new series offer the highest available current in a surface mount package. Two platforms have been developed, the 18x19x19mm EP18 and the 23x23x23mm EP22 which offer inductances from 110uH to 470uH, with currents up to 32A. These EP cores have been designed around the coil dimension to minimize the component size, offering a higher-density inductance/current solution. The high permeability ferrite material minimizes the number of turns (and therefore the DC resistance) resulting in a much higher current rating that other similarly sized common mode chokes.


PA5140 Series



Traditionally, our customers have selected our popular toroidal inductors solutions to deliver a surface mount filtering solution. However, these platforms are less space efficient and the current capability is limited by the older technology termination style. The new self-leaded round wire coil technology allows for larger wire/higher current carrying capability in a more compact construction. These new products allow for a 60% reduction in board spec for the same inductance/current capability and the fully automated winding reduces cost. With the ever-increasing application power requirements, need for high density systems and the on-going conversion of high-power assemblies from through-hole to surface mount, the PA5140/5141 is ideally suited for next generation designs”

Gerard Healy | Power PBU, Pulse Electronics

The resultant impedance of the ferrite RWC construction has a low MHz frequency SRF, with peak impedance in the range of 500Ω to 2000, ideal for the EMI filtering requirements of modern applications. They are well suited for any high-performance application in the data communications, computing, industrial and aerospace markets.

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