Other Manufacturing Designs

In addition to Power Beads, Molded & Composite, Drum Cores and Round Wire Coil Inductors Pulse also designs and manufacturers multiple other constructions for catalog and custom solutions.

These include:

  • Planar Inductors: Typically,  low profile, high current (>30Arms) utilizing a ferrite core and copper plate windings and used as output chokes for forward, bridge and push-pull topologies.
  • Toroidal Inductors: Round magnet wire wound on a distributed gap powder material core.    Soft-saturation and excellent shielding typically used in PFC designs and various lower current (1-20Arms), high inductance (1-50uH) applications.
  • Flat Coil Inductors: Utilize a flat wire coil for the winding to create a low DCR and low profile solution using a gapped ferrite core.
  • Wire-wound Inductors: General purpose inductors wound with round magnetic wire and using a gapped ferrite core.

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