2.5gbaset-5gbaset-wifi-ethernet-magneticsPulse Electronics Networking BU now offers a high-quality line of 2.5GBase-T and 5GBase-T Ethernet magnetics supporting 4P PoE connections for multiple Ethernet applications.

All Ethernet Transformers within this series are compatible with all major PHY suppliers and multiple package options and extended temperature solutions are available.

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Key Product Specifications:

  • Meets IEEE802.3bz for 2.5GBase-T
  • Meets IEEE802.11ac for 5GBase-T
  • Compatible with all Major PHYs
  • 4P PoE 60W, expanding to +90W
  • Available in -40C to +85C operating temperature
  • Multiple package options available
  • Industry standard footprints


The parts are ideal for LAN applications requiring higher bandwidth and PoE functionality such as base stations, 802.11ac WiFi access points, routers, switches and video displays.

  • Access Points
  • Switches
  • Base Stations
  • Gateways

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