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Welcome to the Pulse Search Center. These search applications are in one place for user convenience. The Parts Index Search is data-driven from a known base part number* with results pointing to attribute charts and/or data sheets. Use complex criteria to find the exact product with the Advanced Search--also points to attribute charts and/or data sheets. The Power Inductor Search is customized for locating Power inductors, using common queried electrical specs and package size. There are two Cross Reference searches, the Competitor (enter the competitor's part number and get the Pulse product) and the IC (enter the Pulse part number to find IC manufacturer and part, also vise versa). The Site Search is a "key word" search of the entire Pulse site.

* Tape & Reel information is on each data sheet. This application works on the "base part number." For Tape & Reel information, enter only the base part number. Omit the "T" suffix in the search field. For example, use H1012 instead of H1012T.

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