Shipments of NFC enabled mobile devices are increasing rapidly and will feature in a majority of handsets over the coming years. The fast adoption of NFC technology is boosted by credit card companies, partnered with wireless carriers and multiple launches of alluring applications for payments, access & control, credential storage & exchange and content consumption.

The fast growing NFC market requires reliable antenna solutions for user-friendly and safe contactless commerce. Pulse has developed several attractive concepts for every possible user case. The carefully developed Pulse solutions comply with the EMVCo specification and the best reading position is always directed towards the back cover of the mobile device.

Our incomparable NFC roadmap presents several different product concepts, beyond the first generation ferrite based solutions. Pulse also carries intensive material studies to find more cost competitive options for future applications.

In order to ensure reliability, Pulse performs an optimal set of measurements, e.g., EMVCo, and a user case test for reader and card modes in every single project. We have invested in the correct measurement tools for our main R&D sites and Pulse antennas are always completely verified in production prior to shipping.

Ultra-thin NFC Ferrite Sheet Antenna (0.133 mm)
Ultra-thin NFC Ferrite Sheet Antenna (0.185 mm)
NFC Ferrite Sheet Antenna
NFC Cover Integrated Antenna
NFC Wire Loop Antenna
NFC Stamp Antenna