Antennas solutions for utility/ smart grid

Utilities & Smart Grids

Pulse/Larsen offers antenna solutions for Utility and Smart Grid applications. Pulse/Larsen manufactures a diverse line of antennas covering UHF/LTE/WiFi/GPS bands (including multi-bands).  Applications include embedded solutions, portables for handheld units, vehicular mount mobiles, and small base station antennas for data transmission.

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Antenna Applications:

  • Portable Antennas -136 MHz to 5.9 GHz (multi-band options available).

  • Embedded Antennas - Ceramic, Helical and Printed Circuit Board solutions for LTE/WiFi/GPS bands (multi-band options available). We have custom solutions available utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies.

  • Mobile Antennas - 406 MHz to 5.9 GHz with a variety of mounting styles, and many different form factors.

  • Small Base Station Antennas - Yagis (406 to 960 MHz; Fixed Base Stations (45 MHz to 2.4 Ghz); Radome Omnis (806 MHz to 5.8 Ghz); and multi-band.

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