Small Cell Base Station Antennas


Femtocell Solutions - 3G/4G   

Femtocell's are typically deployed in small offices and home networks.  They are characterized by end user installation, LAN backhaul and packaging similar to WIFI routers.  Commercial and enterprise solutions may require an internal or external style antenna for 3G/4G, GPS and WIFI requirements.


Picocell/Metrocell/Microcell Solutions - 3G/4G

Picocells, Metrocells and Microcells are typically deployed in urban settings, stadiums and other capacity constrained/poor RF environments.  They are characterized by carrier based installation and dedicated backhaul.  Antenna solutions could be directive elements and arrays, external omni style or internal omni style for 3G/4G and WIFI requirements. 


GPS Solutions 

GPS technology is often used for Smallcell location based or timing needs. GPS solutions can have either passive or active requirements. Pulse Electronics can provide GPS solutions in both these manners.

WLAN Solutions   

With today´s bandwidth and data demands, WLAN/WIFI offloading has increasingly gained acceptance as a complementary solution. Whether integrated into the Smallcell device or mounted to the exterior of the Smallcell device, Pulse Electronics can fulfill your requirements.



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