White Papers

0.0400   Networking Module Terms & Definitions (Fil-Mag Legacy, 4/95)
0.0500   Tape & Reel Specifications (Fil-Mag Legacy, 2/97)
G004   Moisture Control Measures (Drypack White Paper, 6/96)
G011   Reliable Internal Interconnects for Magnetic SMT Components (InterLock Base White Paper, 8/97)
G017   Optimizing Solder Joint Reliability (6/96)
G019   Understanding Common Mode Noise (4/99)
G020   Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) H5004 Performance Data (2/00)
G021   Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) H5007 Performance Data (2/00)
G022   Introduction to Transformer Magnetics (7/99)
G029   White Paper Regarding RoHS Compliance (1/09)
G032   Pulse Current Sense - Rogowski Coil (2/09)
G033   TR-127 Ensures Quality of Service for IPTV  (3/10)
G033.2   Pulse central office “SmartER Series´ splitter modules are TR-127 compliant for VDSL2 applications  (3/10)
G040   Radiated Efficiency: A True Measure of Antenna Performance (11/10)
  Ceramic Chip Antennas vs. PCB Trace Antennas: A Comparison
Sidewinder Current Sensor (4/12)
Ferrite Round Wire Coil Inductors (3/13)
G045 Planar Vs conventional (By Majid Dadafshar & Gerard Healy)(11/12)
G046 Flat Coil Planar Transformers (11/12)
G047 Sidewinder RDT Report (11/12)
G048 EP13 Plus Design notes (4/13)
G049 Next Generation Planar Transformers (10/13)