Published Articles


  Coupled Inductors Improve Multiphase Buck Efficiency by John Gallagher, (1/06)

G031   Pick the Right Inductor Construction for a Desktop-CPU by John Gallagher, (4/06)
G032   Designing Coupled Inductors, by John Gallagher, (4/06)
G033   Selecting a Power Inductor for your SMPS Design, by Gerard Healy, (8/06)
G034   Optimize Flyback Magnetics to Empower the PD, by John Gallagher, (3/07)
G035   Bead Inductor Meets CPU Power Challenges, by John Gallagher & Fuxue Jin, (4/07)
G204   Silence is Golden, by D.Dean, (1/99)
G205   CAT5 UTP Copper is not yet dead! by M.Jackson, (6/03)
  Cable & Connector Inbalances in PoE, by H.Hinrichs, (6/03)
G209   PoE & Industrial-based Networking, by M.Jackson, (1/03)
G210   Squaroid DC Inductors, by Victor Renteria, (6/04)
G211   The Risk of Unwanted EMI, by H.Hinrichs, (3/02)
G212   EMC Issues, by T.Dinh, (6/01)
G214   Planar Transformer Designs Improve Power Supply Efficiency, by Majid Dadafshar (5/04)
  L002 An xDSL Primer, by H. Abedmamoore (1/01)
L002   An xDSL Primer, by H. Abedmamoore, (1/01)
L003   Designing Magnetics for 10-Gbit Ethernet, by Farid Hamidy (6/07)


  Filtered Connectors for High-speed Data Rates, by Farid Hamidy (10/05)
  Desktop Vcore Inductor Efficiency Comparison, by John Gallagher (8/09)
  Tripping the Video Fantastic, by Greg Gough (8/07) 
  Ferrite Core Takes the Lead, by Gerard Healy (3/10)
  Filter Modules Offer Bulit-In Transformers, Low-Pass Filters, by Farid Hamidy (4/10)